At Springstone hospitals, we help people turn the corner from crisis to recovery. Springstone hospitals provide intensive treatment to help people return to a normal life, their homes and their families. Inpatient treatment, when required, is typically for short durations of about one week. Many people also benefit from hospital-based outpatient treatment without overnight stays and/or weekly education and self-help support programs.

Analysis Shows Patients Improve

An analysis of 2016 admissions at 101 behavioral hospitals across the country, including 11 Springstone hospitals, found that the average change in patient-reported functioning following a Springstone hospital inpatient stay was 13% higher than the national average. (Source: Mental Health Outcomes: Basis 32 - Change in Patient-Reported Functioning 2016))

Patients Rate Hospitals High

Ninety-six percent of Springstone patients would recommend their treatment to someone who needed care. (Source: Mental Health Outcomes: Patient Satisfaction Survey, 2016)